Another Finished Nuuk

 When I find a pattern that fits me well and that is super easy, I tend to make it often.  And lately this has been the case with sweaters. I need to branch out more but I am happy right now knitting the same pattern over and over, and besides it’s fun to change it up a bit.

I have finished my third Nuuk Sweater and I love it! I have been trying to use up stash yarn this year and not buy anything new yarn until my stash is whittled down.  So for this project I was able to use the last of my Brooklyn Tweed Shelter and I’m quite happy with the end result.

Here’s the particulars…

Pattern: Nuuk by Jonna Hietala

Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter 100% American Grown Targhee-Columbia Wool

Amounts: 4 skeins in Tartan, 2 skeins in Hayloft and about a quarter skein in Bale. Approximate yardage around 900 yards.

Needles: Knitters Pride Zing US Size 6 for neckline and sleeves ribbing. Size US 8 for everything else.

Modifications: I casted on the Size 4 and worked the pattern as written up until separation of the sleeves.  After separating the sleeves and working three rounds, I added 4 stitches at the underarm area. The top portion of the body was worked in Tartan, changing to Hayloft in the middle.  I had just enough of the Tartan for a stripe, and then alternated the Bale with the Hayloft for additional striping.  This paid off and I was able to have just enough to finish the sweater in Hayloft, with only a yard of yarn leftover.

This project was perfect for using up stash yarn and I really love how it turned out.  The only thing I should have done different was make the stripes a little more proportional, meaning I should have had a couple of stripes in Bale mixed with the Hayloft at the top too.  All in all I love it and can’t believe this is my 8th finished sweater for the year!

Until next time, be creative!


4 thoughts on “Another Finished Nuuk

  1. I love the way you used the colors! and I'm curious about the Zing needles – do you love them? I've been buying Addi Turbo Rockets when I need a new needle (which honestly isn't very often), and the KP price point is way better.


  2. Thank you so much Mary ! I love my Zing needles and have them in US sizes 1 through 11, with cable lengths 16” to 40”. The tips are smooth and the cables are strong. I love my Turbos too, but my Zings are my go to needles.


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