Wednesday WIPs

Is it already Wednesday?  

Wow, where has the week gone!  

So about my WIPs, I am still working on my Fall Socks, Christmas Socks, my Happy Halloween Cross Stitch project.  I’m hoping to get back to these projects but honestly I’m just focused on one thing right now, my Nuuk Sweater.

I decided to break up the Hayloft with four rounds of Tartan, which was the last of what I had.  I have now joined the second skein of Hayloft to finish it off.  At the rate I’m going I should be finished before the end of the week.

I am truly loving how this sweater is turning out and will share my modifications once I’m all done.  Meantime I’m stash diving again to decide on the yarn for another sweater project that I have in mind.  For some reason this year, I’m all about sweaters.

What are you working on this week ?

Until next time, be creative!

11 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. that little stripe of Tartan looks like it will be perfect to break up the Hayloft – and kudos for the almost-FO! I'm still working on Shifty and really (really!!) hope to have something that shows all the colors to share soon.


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