Sunday Musings: Embracing The Cool


 “Light tomorrow with today.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Fall temperatures are starting to arrive and we sat outside with our coffee embracing the coolness of the morning, and the quiet tranquility of the beginning of our day.

For me it was awesome just to sip my coffee and be able to work on my Nuuk sweater without getting super warm.  I hope I can finish up this project soon!!

I really like the look of the Hayloft color next to the Tartan, it’s so rich and such a fall color! I am about a quarter through this skein and have one skein remaining.  I am thinking that I will join Bale next, work a few rounds, then two rounds of Tartan (I think I have just enough from the sleeves and neckline) and then work a few rounds of Bale again before finishing off in Hayloft.  That idea may change, but that’s the plan for now.

I really haven’t made much progress on anything else because I’m just to busy and honestly have too many projects in the works.  Somewhere in the day I want to get back to spinning.  I’ve really missed my wheels, and need to start spinning again.

Until next time, be creative !

8 thoughts on “Sunday Musings: Embracing The Cool

  1. It was glorious to sit outside this morning. I plan in doing that as often as I can. It i the perfect way to start the day. Have you noticed the different bird songs too? Not just pigeons out there. Our feathered friends from the North are arriving too. The colors of your sweater are stunning. So eye catching. Love it.


  2. I love those colors in your sweater and I added it to my favorites list. I know I have yarn that would be perfect. Our weather changed drastically this weekend, from upper 60’s to low 50’s – whooosh! Sweater weather has arrived.


  3. I'm jealous of Juliann's sweater weather 🙂 … hopefully you'll have those cooler temperatures in time for your Nuuk – the colors are certainly perfect for fall! also – wow! for all the cross-stitch projects you have lined up!


  4. I am too Mary but so happy to see cooler temperatures here in Phoenix. Today I got to wear my handknit socks. Thank you so much, now to find the time for all of my projects 😁


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