Wednesday WIPs: Pretty Much the Same But With Progress!

Sorry for the late afternoon post but I have been training this week with my company and have been starting very early in the mornings.  The nice thing about training though, I am able to knit while I learn and listen.  This makes me quite happy and it really helps me to keep focused.

As mentioned in a much earlier post, I am using my leftover stash of Shelter Yarn by Brooklyn Tweed to make my third Nuuk Sweater.  I wanted to make sure I had enough of the Tartan color to finish the sleeves and neckline ribbing, which was all finished yesterday and now I am almost finished with the fourth skein, and final, skein of this color.  I plan to add Hayloft next, followed by Bale. I really do love this yarn and hope it turns out like I am envisioning it will.

I have knitted about 2” on the leg of my Fall Socks and hope to have this one finished by the weekend so I can cast on the mate.  My Christmas Socks have had no knitting love at all and I am still at the point of starting the heel. Hopefully I will start working on this project next week.

I am still working on my Photographers Hat that I casted on about a week ago and now working on the body of the hat.  This shouldn’t take me too long to finish and I really like how it will look all blocked out.

And the last WIP to share is my fun Halloween cross stitch by Primrose Cottage Stitches. I have finished all three pumpkins and noticed a slight mistake but I’m running with it because I really love them!

Whew… I need to find more time to get these projects all done!  I have confident my Nuuk will be finished by the end of next week (fingers crossed) and think my cross stitch project will be finished over this coming weekend.

How’s your week going?

Any fun new finished objects or new projects started?

Until next time, be creative!


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