Sunday Morning Musings: Thinking About Plants and A Little Sweater Knitting


 “On this Sunday, let us take a few moments to stop and thank God for all of the beauty that is in this world.” – Unknown

What a beautiful Sunday Morning! I am so happy that we can sit outside on our patio and enjoy the cool morning air.  This makes me so very happy and brings me so much joy.

Today I am working on my Nuuk Sweater.  I just joined the third skein in Tartan and once this skein is finished will finish up the neckline and sleeves using my forth skein in the same color.  I still plan to have a striped body and have decided to alternate the Bale and Hayloft every four rows.  If I have enough Tartan left I will include it too.

Cody is enjoying the coolness of the mornings too and has been my constant knitting partner this past week.

I still need to buy plants for our pots that I have scattered around our patio, as well as herbs. Our tomato plants are doing quite well, and so is the rosemary, peppermint and cucumber.  I have pesky caterpillars on my cilantro that I can’t seem to get rid of, but hopeful they will be ok.

The hanging buckets will have herbs in them soon. I also think I will pot a few flowers in this area too.  Earlier last week I moved our vinca to the front courtyard and think the pots have helped to brighten up the area quite a bit.

I also potted an Elephant Bush, which seems to like it’s pot and location.

“Elephant bush does well in full to partial sun. Plant in an area of your garden that gets 6 hours of sunlight a day. If planting indoors, place it in a sunny window. This succulent tends to stretch easily if not given enough sunlight, however the stretching isn’t as noticeable as other succulents.”

Nothing else planned for the day other than a little repair needed in our dishwasher and taking our baby boy to the park.

Have a Happy Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Musings: Thinking About Plants and A Little Sweater Knitting

  1. Hello, Tina! I've so enjoyed having you pop by my blog. I enjoying reading the your about page. I'm in AWE of knitters and LOVE your sweater you are creating. Your mug is just SO lovely, too! Happy Sunday! Amy


  2. Thank you so much Amy for visiting my blog and for your kind comments 😊 This is my favorite mug ever, but of course it’s because it has sheep. I love knitting and for me it’s soothing.


  3. Thanks for stopping by my space! Your garden looks great, with your colorful pots and I love the Elephant Bush. I see you are a knitter, that is something I can't do unfortunately. I had a peek at your stitching and it looks great. Love the dog piece and your little dog too!


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