Enjoying the Moment

It’s a perfect morning to sit outside to journal, knit and of course blog.  I can’t believe that this month is almost over and that October is just around the corner.  October is by far my favorite month of all.  It is the month that ushers in cooler temperatures, fall colors and crisp blue skies.  This is the time that I truly miss seeing all those magnificent fall leaves and the array of color!

Frankfort Kentucky- October 2005

There’s not too much to new happening in the knitting department,pretty much the same thing.  I am just about ready to start the slip stitch heel to my Christmas toe up socks.  The colors of this yarn are so fun and I can’t wait to wear them.

Knitting and my favorite mug!

“Enjoy the moment.  How? Don’t spend your time in perpetual planning. Or perpetual worry.
Or perpetual whatever. Instead, just enjoy the moment.”  ― Joshua Millburn

I’ve decided to take my time this morning and “enjoy the moment”. This morning is definitely a time of contemplation and remembrance.  It’s a good time to journal and it’s been a bit since I’ve written things down.  My journal has been a welcomed companion over the last couple of years and it’s allowed me to express many feelings, thoughts, goals and more.  It’s been soothing and I plan to keep it up. Do you journal ?

Until next time, be creative!


4 thoughts on “Enjoying the Moment

  1. I journal also. I am going on 6 years for me. Started it when I retired. Your Christmas socks remind me Elf socks. They are so cute. Looking forward to October also and the cooler weather. I might need to take a little drive up north for some colorful leaf viewing.


  2. Journaling is soothing, isn’t it. My husband said the same thing about the socks, definitely Elf socks, lol. I do agree a trip to the high is a must, the fall colors would be lovely, especially the Aspens up on the Mogollon Rim.


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