So This Happened…. Another Nuuk Sweater

I truly had the intentions of casting on the Acer Cardigan this weekend but I’m just not sure that’s the right pattern for my yarn choice, so I casted on another Nuuk. I love this pattern and this will be my third Nuuk, which makes me so happy.

For this sweater I am using up my stash of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter and will be making a striped version, kind of like I did earlier this year. The top portion will be in the color Tartan, followed by Hayloft and Bale.

I made great progress and hope to separate the sleeves by tomorrow, if not sooner! This will be my project for today as I made excellent progress on my Autumn Socks and Christmas Socks.

I’m off to the patio for coffee and knitting before work. It’s  68° this morning, which makes me so very happy!

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