It’s A Cast On Party!

The mornings are starting to feel much cooler and it’s made me want to cast on “all the things”.  I am almost finished with my Worsted Boxy Sweater and working on the sleeves at the moment. But meantime, I’ve casted on two vanilla toe up socks !!!

First up is my Christmas Socks using WYS in the color Candycane.  I purchased this yarn last year from the Woolly Thistle and decided I need to have my socks finished before Christmas!

Next is my Fall Socks using Lang JaWool.  I do not have the name of the color, but it is a lovely self-striping yarn in greys, browns and a rather burnt orange or light rust.

I still need to cast on my Musselburgh Hat and have decided that is what I will be using my Yarn Bee Artisan Dyed Yarn in Shibori Blue for. I am also thinking about casting on the Acer Cardigan by Kirsten Kapur and I plan to use my newly acquired Kelbourne Germantown yarn in the color Honey.

Photos courtesy of Kirsten Kapur and Kelbourne Wool

I’m excited about my projects and with the fall feeling in the air (well in the early mornings here in Phoenix) I want to start knitting “all the things” !

Until next time, be creative !

4 thoughts on “It’s A Cast On Party!

  1. I was so excited to see it was 75 when I got up this morning. Fall just might be getting ready to arrive in the valley of the sun! Question for you…..I just found your blog and was excited to see you live in the same metroplex as myself. My LYD closed last year due to covid and the sudden death of one of the owners. I am looking for a new LYS and was wondering if you have one you love? I have no problem traveling from one end of the valley to the other if the shop is truly wonderful. I am in Mesa. Thanks.


  2. I was so excited to see a cooler temp on my side … it was 71° for me! I think most of the Yarn Shops in the Phoenix metro area have closed. I live outside of Surprise on the west side and go to Isabelles Parlour in Wickenburg and Fibercreek in Prescott. I believe Tempe Yarn is still open,


  3. Oohhh……I love going to Prescott. Wickenburg is always on our way to Vegas lol. Not sure hubby would want to stop. I have been to Tempe Yarn but had a unpleasant experience. May need to suck it up and go back though. Was wondering about Phoenix Knits. Have you been there? Thanks for the info for Prescott.


  4. I have not been to Phoenix Knits, and really don’t know too much about them. Ahhh… I felt that way about Tempe Yarn too and haven’t been in their store for a few years. You definitely need to check out Isabelles Parlour and Fibercreek, Bithe are awesome and super friendly owners, and staff.


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