A Finished Pair !!

Guys I’m so excited to share that I finally finished my pair of Hermiones Every Day Socks!!!



The particulars…

Start Date: June 30, 2021

Finish Date:  September 12, 2021

Pattern:  Hermiones Every Day Socks by Erica Lueder

Yarn:  Patons Kroy in the colorway Seashell

Needle:  US 1 1/2 on two 16” Addi Sock Rocket needles

Modification:  Toe up instead of cuff down using Wendy Johnsons slip stitch heel recipe.

I love how they fit and think my sock knit mojo is finally back.  I have decided to cast on two pairs of socks, one pair for Christmas and one pair for Fall.  I will share the particulars soon!


Until next time, be creative!


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