A Sweater Update


I really don’t have too much to report regarding my Worsted Boxy sweater other than the fact I just joined a second skein.  I really do love the look of the color and I’m very excited to see how this turns out.  

The only other project I still have languishing on needles is the mate to my toe up Hermoines Every Day Sock.  I haven’t touched this project since the middle of July.  I think it’s because I’m just not in the mood to knit on socks right now, just want to knit all the sweaters.

Speaking of knitting sweaters, in my email this morning from Brooklyn Tweed was a spotlight on their new Tones Collection and an upcoming Kal featuring the Tones Collection.

Courtesy of Brooklyn Tweed

I’m not interested in the KAL, but really liked the simplicity and look of the First Raglan Sweater designed by Jared Flood.  It’s only $4 right now so needless to say I bought the pattern.  I love raglan sweaters and this looks like a quick one to knit up, which makes me very happy.  

Until next time, be creative!


2 thoughts on “A Sweater Update

  1. The sweater is looking nice! I love that feeling when you don't want to do anything else except work on one project. I took a look at Tones, but most of the colors, especially the ones I would want to knit with, are already sold out so I'll have to skip this yarn purchase… darn lol!


  2. Thank you so much Kath! Sometimes just one project is enough for me, especially when work gets in the way. The Tones are lovely but like you found the ones I really liked are already sold out, good for them but bad for us. For me it’s a great way to use stash though 😊


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