Friday FO: A Glamrock Tee

I have been trying to knit with cotton and have been trying various brands.  I love how my cotton Nuuk Sweater turned out but the jury is still out on my Glamrock Tee that I finished earlier this week.  I am not sure if I am too happy with it and here’s why … the cotton yarn I used (yes I knew better) made a very heavy fabric and it shrunk, not just a little but about 2”.  

I have tried blocking it but it remains the same size. So, my finished tee is now destined to be a topper over a long sleeve shirt for the fall.  I guess this will be a good comprise, as the only other alternative is giving it away, which I really don’t want to do.

The particulars:

Pattern:  The Glamrock Tee by Tatsaina Matsiuk. The pattern is easy to follow and very well written.  Simple lace design at the top and a boxy style.

Yarn: Re-Up by Lion Brand  This is a 100% recycled cotton yarn (which I like) that comes is quite a few colors.  It’s easy to knit with but in my humble opinion was not great choice for this project. The knitted fabric is very heavy and shrinks easily.  Stitch definition was not very good either, but I think it was due to the needle size used. The jury is still out on this yarn and I have another sweaters worth in the color Denim Blue that I am not sure about.  The price of the yarn is $2.49 a skein and I used a total of eight skeins for a total cost of $19.92. You seldom can buy a sweater for $20 bucks unless it’s on clearance, so very reasonable.

Needles:  Knitters Pride Zing in US Size 7.  I love the Zing needles and have purchased quite a few from my favorite go to shop, Handsome Fibers on Etsy.

If I decide to make this pattern again, I will make it a bit longer (too short for me) and definitely use a better quality yarn

Until next time, enjoy your day!


2 thoughts on “Friday FO: A Glamrock Tee

  1. The tee is very cute. I wonder if it will stretch with wearing. My mom used to knit alot with cotton, as she's very sensitive to itch (and this was before we could get good superwash wools that dont itch). I found that many of the cotton sweaters she made me would stretch out as I wore them, then shrink back up when washed and dried.Cotton does tend to be heavy though. I have a couple long cotton cardigans (bought, not handmade) that I basically wear as robes over my pajama in winter. They are wonderful for that!


  2. I am hoping it does stretch with wear but it it doesn’t, I’m ok with that too. It’s grown on me and I think it will be perfect for this fall over a blouse or tee, maybe even a dress. I agree, it definitely can be heavy and what a great idea for using a cotton cardigan as a robe. Thank you so much for visiting 😊


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