Friday Round Up

I truly have nothing new to report regarding my knitting projects other than the fact I finished my heel on my Hermiones Every Day Socks and will have this sock finished by the weekend and hopefully will be casting on the mate.  I have just joined a second skein of yarn for my Glamrock Tee but haven’t really worked on it much. Since Fridays tend to be a little quiet for me at work,  I am thinking today is a good day to continue working on it so I can make a little more progress.

Glamrock Tee progress photo 

I am resisting casting on two sweaters right now, but I may not be able to resist much longer.  I purchased a sweaters worth of Sirdar Jewelspun in three colors to make a Cabled Pullover , Top Down Flared Open Cardigan and a Raglan Sweater.

Photos Courtesy of Sirdar

I am thinking I will start with the Raglan (far right),then the cardigan and then the Cabled Pullover (far left).  For some reason I am on a sweater knitting kick and want to knit all the sweaters right now.

For the weekend …

I am so happy that hubby and I have a three day weekend off together!! We don’t have too much planned other than antiquing and lunch out.  We are hoping to try a few new restaurants and of course go to a favorite.  It’s so wonderful to see peoples faces again and the smiles.  Last year  is a year I hope I never see again in my lifetime (enough said).

I do want to share a yummy breakfast casserole recipe that I make often and only change it up a bit by adding a couple of chopped up Jimmy Deans sausage.  It’s the Best Bacon Crescent Casserole on Delish. 

We make ours in a 12” cast iron skillet and it always comes out perfect!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you are able to enjoy all the things you love.

Until next time, be creative!

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