Friday FO: A Finished Pair of Socks

Last Friday I shared that I had finished my first sock (the one I had started back in April) and had casted on the mate. While I had a strong urge to cast on many things, I focused entirely on my second sock and was able to finish it on Wednesday, meeting my personal deadline of completing this project by the end of June.  It feels so awesome to finally finish a project that has been languishing in my knitting bag since

I am so happy that I now have a completed pair of socks and I really love using Wendy Johnsons technique of a gusset with a slipped stitch heel.  

I did modify the stitch count to meet my needs and created a cheat sheet for future sock knitting.  If you enjoy toe up sock knitting, but miss a slipped stitch heel, definitely give Wendy’s pattern a try.

So not that this pair of socks are finished, I am casting on another toe up in Patons Kroy in the color Seashell (beige, cream, bluish green). Aren’t these colors pretty and so soft looking too !  I have decided to make a pair of Hermoines Every Day Scoks, a Harry Potter inspired design by Erica Lueder of Dreams in Color.

Courtesy of Dreams in Fiber

I hope this week has been successful for you as well and that whatever you have been working on has brought you joy and satisfaction.

Until next time, be creative!

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