Finished Objects and New Objects!

I thought I would would wait until Friday to share my finished projects but decided today was the perfect day to share, especially since I’m off today.  I am proud, and happy, to say that I kept my goal of finishing my second Nuuk sweater by June. I used 8 skeins of K + C Element in the color gray.  I really love the self-striped look of the finished knitted fabric and it fits perfectly!

Of course it is Cody approved too 😀
On May 16th I started the Wild Bloom Cardigan by Rachel Misner (aka Evelyn and Peter).  For this project I used 7 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in the color Natural Heather and a size US H hook.

I finished this crocheted project of June 31st and absolutely love how it turned out.  This will be perfect for a layering piece this fall/winter.  I do think I will go down a size though, this was a but “roomy” for a size medium/large.

What’s on your needles, hooks or wheels?

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