My Quick Win Raglan is Finished!

This morning I finished my Quick Win Raglan and love how it turned out. I did end up making a few modifications, but decided not to add a knitted bottom band or cuffs.

The sweater really grew but it will be  perfect with a 
pair of leggings this fall.

My first modification was the sleeves.  I have very short arms, so when I finished the last ten rounds of decreases ending with 29 stitches, I tried on my sweater.  I’m glad I did as the sleeve was wrist length.  I  ended up doing a slip stitch around the cuff for a finished look.  

The second modification was the bottom band.  For some reason I simply cannot get the hang of making a crochet band.  I decided to work two rounds of single crochet ( US Term) using the waistcoat stitch, also known as a center post stitch.  On the next round,I worked a double crochet (US Term)over two stitches, chained 1 stitch, skipped one stitch and worked a puff in the next stitch, chained 1, skipped one stitch and then worked a double crochet in the next two stitches.  I continued to the end of the round. The next round I worked a single crochet (US Term) in each stitch to the end of the round and them worked a slip stitch to the send of the round. I really love how the band turned out!

A puff stitch is made by yarning over once, inserting your hook into a stitch, yarning over and pulling up a loop through that stitch. However, STOP right there, do not pull through any loops already on the hook. Yarn over again, insert your hook, pull up a loop, and STOP right there again. Repeat this yarning over and pulling up a loop as many times as you want your puff to be. In the example here, I’ve repeated the process 4 times. When you finished deciding how many times, then pull through all the loops on your hook and yarn over, pull through and close the puff.  – Daisy Farm Crafts

The last modification was the neckline line.  I worked one round of half double crochet, then worked two rounds of slip stitch. It has given the appearance of a rolled edge, which I was looking for.

The particulars:

Pattern:  Quick Win Raglan by LeRoo Crochet 

Yarn: Noro Akari

Color: No.7 Ibusuki

Hooks:  Brittany Size H(5.0 mm)for the bottom band and size I(5.50 mm)for the rest of the sweater 

I am really stoked that I finished two sweaters this month and now trying to decide what I want to start next. I do know that will be crocheting one and knitting the other.  For me it’s good to have two different types of projects going to help ease any wrist or elbow issues that I encounter on occasion.

Until next time, be creative!


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