#Spin15day Success!

I am a huge fan of spinning 15 minutes a day and it’s for two reasons.  One, it starts or ends my day well and second, it keeps me motivated and helps my spinning to be consistent.

This morning before work, I finished my last bit of the second braid of Corridale in less than 20 minutes.  I am so excited to have finally finished this and look forward to starting the third, and last, braid.  These colors are awesome and I have decided to 2-ply each bobbin using the center pull method ( plying from a center pull ball/skein ).  

Getting this bobbin finished now has me super motivated to start the last braid today!  My goal for the finished handspun is to use it in a sweater, a striped sweater that is with a good coordinating color in the yummy rusty orange that is is this fiber.  If I am able to achieve a nice consistent looking light worsted to worsted weight, I am thinking it would pair nicely with Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed.  There are two colors in Shelter, Embers and Wool Socks, that I think would be a great compliment to my soon to be finished handspun.  I may have to order one skein of each to see which one would look better.

Since I really didn’t blog about this spinning project too much, this gorgeous hand dyed fiber is from Quillin Fiberarts.  Dedri dyes such gorgeous colors and creates beautiful braid for spinning.  Check out her shop here on Etsy or on her Website.

Until next time, be creative ~ Tina

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