Sunday Morning Vibes …. Knitting

To me there is nothing better in life than sitting on the patio with my knitting, and today is such a day.  Our Arizona sky is a crisp blue, speckled with big fluffy clouds. Even though is windy, the cool breeze is so enjoyable and one to cherish before the heat of the summer arrives.  This morning I have been working on my Flax Sweater and I am still at the increasing stage but hopeful to have the sleeves separated soon.

Our backyard 

It’s been a rather lazy morning, but one filled with peace and quiet.  It is so wonderful to sit outside together and talk while cooking breakfast on the grill and drinking coffee.  I believe we need more Sundays like this!  I do know we both agree that going forward Sundays will be spent at home and will be a day of rest, and relaxation.

Until next time, be creative!


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