Deconstruction…. Learning Something New Is Fun!

After reading a recent article by Emonieiesha Hopkins in the latest issue of Spin Off magazine about “taking control of your fiber’s colors” , I decided to give this a try with a very coveted braid of Fat Cat Knits fiber that has been in my stash forever.

This braid contained a mix of greens, browns and a slight rusty brown, all beautiful together but when looking at it I wondered what it would look like as a “gradient” color.  So with this thought in mind, I decided to “deconstruct” the braid and break out the three colors.

I do wish I had taken photos of each stage of what I did, but I can only share the end result, a stack of lovely little rolag buns! As you can see, the primary color was green, followed by a rusty brown and then a light brown.

I will say my Ashford blending board was so fun to use for this project and I definitely need to do blending more often.  This was not only fun, but it taught me how to separate the colors out of a braid to make the most of the color tones.  Emonieiesha mentioned in her article that she uses a “color wheel to help decide on possible color blends.”  I may have to purchase a color wheel too for future blending adventures.

I can’t wait to start spinning these rolags, but first I need to finish my lovely Corridale that is on my wheel!

Until next time, be creative!


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