Friday Round Up

I keep telling myself that I need to finish what I’ve started before casting on anything else but I can’t seem to focus on one project right now.  I try to rationalize this by thinking a variety of projects keeps me from getting bored, which is true to some extent, but the truth of the matter, there are so many lovely designs to knit, so many gorgeous fibers to spin and not enough time in the day, or even the week, to work on all of them.

I am actually quite pleased with myself that I only have two knitting projects, one crochet project and one spinning project.  My plan this month is to finish my second sock, finish spinning my #spookyspin19 fiber from last year and try to finish both of my cardigans, or at least make good progress on them.

So here’s a recap of what I have going on …..

The purple black color of this BFL is just dreamy!

I only have a small amount left to spin!
Once I’ve finished spinning this yummy purple, I will be starting the coordinating color, which is a mixed BFL in green, black and orange.  I have decided to chain ply both finished bobbins and hope for enough yardage to make a fun Halloween shawl.

In my knitting basket I have the beginning to my Vodka Lemonade cardigan.  I am almost finished with the collar and hope to start the increases for the body of the sweater later today.  Underneath the collar, is my Porch Light sock, which I have yet to cast on the mate for but maybe will get to it this weekend.

I really love how the moss stitch is looking, and 
so far I am really liking the Silky Wool.

I am also working on my Up North Cardigan too and have decided this crochet project will be perfect for me to keep on my desk for working on during the day.  It’s rather mindless crocheting right now, so this will help me move along quicker.  I really don’t have a new photo to share quite yet but hope too soon.

Tomorrow my hubby and I are planning a road trip up to Prescott.  We plan to hit a few antique shops, my favorite LYS, Fiber Creek, and have lunch at our favorite spot, Marino’s Mob Burgers.  We are so looking forward to getting out of Phoenix and can’t wait to have loads of fun!

Until next time, be creative!

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