Throwback Thursday- Kentucky


Heaven must be a Kentucky kind of place.” “Daniel Boone

Feeling a little nostalgic today and thinking of Kentucky.  The above photos were taken October of 2005 at Long Run Park, Louisville Kentucky.  One thing I miss at this time of year is the beginning of fall, the fall colors and the cooler weather that follows the turning of leaves.  

My husband and I are seriously thinking hard about returning home to Kentucky.  If I have my way it will be very soon!  I miss the land, the people and the feeling of being home. Most of all I miss the climate.  It is so dry here in Arizona and we hardly ever get rain or any humidity, which is part of living in a desert.  I miss the dampness, the rain and the feeling of not being “dried out” all the time.

Soon…. very soon, we will be making a decision to return back home.

Have a wonderful day!

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