Wednesday WIPs: Knitting and Spinning Projects

I see to have been not open bitten by the knitting bug, but by the spinning bug too!  I have been highly motivated to cast on projects, plan out knitting projects for the next few months and have started two spinning projects.  

Why all this activity?  It’s largely due to the change of weather here in Phoenix and knowing that cooler temperature are drawing near.  I have also decided to knit all that I can during this time so that I will be able to enjoy my hand-knits even more.

On My Needles …

I have casted on Vodka Lemonade using my recently acquired Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool.  I am very excited about this cardigan and think once I get going, it will end up being a fairly quick knit for me.  The best part of this, the yarn I am using is very light and airy, perfect for early fall and late spring for the desert climate I live in, as well as a perfect layering garment for road trips.

I am almost finished with my first Porch Light sock and truly love how it is looking.  I should have the first sock finished by the end of the week and will have the mate casted on too. 

On My Wheels …

I am spinning my stash of Shetland on my new to me Matchless single treadle and have two bobbins finished.  The fiber I purchased is a gradient sample pack of sorts in natural colors, Shetland Brown to Fawn Shetland by The Sheep’s Company, which I plan to use for a simple striped shawl.  I also plan to spin the second pack too, Shetland Black to White Ombré.  Both packs are 5 oz each, and if I spin slowly and thin enough for a three play, I should have just enough for my planned striped shawl. 

Left:  Black to White Ombré 
Right:  Brown to Fawn

Here’s  two of my finished bobbins ….

I have also started spinning the first braid of last years “Spooky Spin 15”.  The rich black purple of this BFL is awesome!!!

Once this bobbin is finished, I will be starting the second color of BFL.  I am thinking I will 2-ply each bobbin using the center ball method.  

What are you working on this week ?

Until next time, be creative ! 

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