A New Addition To My Family of Wheels

swore up and down I wouldn’t buy another spinning wheel, especially since I recently gave three of wheels away to a good cause but when I saw a vintage Schacht single treadle Matchless online at Goodwill, I changed my mind.  I could not pass up the possibility of owning this wheel, and my hubby agree.  So, I bid on her and won.

I had no idea if she worked, or how old she was but I decided to take a gamble and I am so happy I did!!  She was delivered today and other than being dirty and extremely dry, she is in awesome shape.

Born: June 1988

Came with the original flyer and whorls

My hubby helped tighten her up and I got her all cleaned, polished and oiled. I am so happy with the condition of the wheel, no scratches or dings, and in perfect balance.

Cody made sure to supervise too and still isn’t quite sure about having another addition to our sitting room.

I decided to go with scotch tension and used a spare poly cord for the band.  After a few adjustments, she is spinning like a dream!!

I decided to use my stash of Shetland for a test run and I am really happy with how it is spinning up.  I have decided to continue with my Shetland as I keep fine tuning the tension and trying out my new to me wheel.

Until next time, be creative!

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