Keep It or Pitch It … The Outcome of a Full Bobbin

I have spent the majority of the day cleaning, dusting and re-organizing our sitting room, which is where I spin and keep all my wheels.  I really love how everything looks now, especially where I am now displaying my collection of Turkish spindles.

I think this is the perfect spot for my spindles and I love being able to see them from where I sit and spin.

While going through my Schacht bobbins I came across a bobbin of cotton I had spun up a few years ago and was about to take it off the bobbin to throw out when I stopped myself.  

This was the first ever cotton I had spun and I had actually done a decent job of spinning it, so I decided “why not chain ply it and see what happens”, after all I had absolutely nothing to loose but to end up throwing it out.

Cotton Silver in the color Prickly Pear – 2 oz

Purchased from Buchanan Fiber on Etsy – February of 2018

Photo courtesy of BuchananFiber

The result was quite amazing and I absolutely love it!  Please keep in mind this is not perfect by no means but the softness of the cotton and the outcome of my finished spun yarn makes me totally delighted, so much so that I now think I might try spinning cotton again!!

I will be skeining this today and look forward to seeing the amount of yardage I have ended up with from 2 oz of cotton sliver.  I am so happy I took a gamble and took the time to chain ply this beautiful cotton.

Until next time, be creative and by all means, take a chance on things!

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