Sunday Musing: Spinning is my thing!

 Sundays have always been the day that my hubby and I spend at home.  We don’t do anything special, just rest and enjoy our time together.  It’s also the day that I enjoy the most as I have time to spin and knit a bit.

I have been spinning my Falkland in the color Patchwork Quilt. I am determined to finish it up over the next couple of days and chain ply it, with high hopes to have enough yardage for mittens or even a pair of handspun socks.  

The colors are a mix of deep burgundy, turquoise, gold, pink and cream, which reminds me in a weird way of a Mexican blanket.  I am rather excited about spinning again, which always seems to happen the end of August and I will spin full speed ahead until May.  Once it gets hot, I seem to fizzle.  I guess spinning for me is a bit seasonal, but that’s ok as it gives me a break and time to pursue other loves.

I have also been going through my fiber stash to see what I want to spin next.  I am thinking about spinning more of my Abundant Earth Fibers so I can finally start my Half Hap Cowl, a project I’ve been working on this project now for 2 years.  Guess it’s better late than never, right. 

I am also excited to share that I finished one handspun sock and I have casted on the mate.  I absolutely love my sock, it fits perfectly and oh my gosh I have finally found a heel I like!!!

I definitely will have enough yardage left over from both of my handspun skeins to use for a color work sock project of some kind, such as the Porch Light socks by Lindsey Fowler from 52 Weeks of Socks by Laine Magazine.  I have several skeins of sock yarn in solid colors, which mixed with my leftover hand  will make a perfect pair of Porch Light socks.

How do you spend your Sundays?

Until next time, be creative!

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