It’s Friday!!!

What is it about Fridays ?  The last few months I’ve noticed a little change in the calls I’ve been taking (I work from home) and everyone is dreaming about Friday.  It starts on Wednesday, then Thursday I receive many “Happy Friday Eves” and then Friday, is “I can’t wait to start the weekend”.

For me Friday is the beginning of rest and fun.  I am quite blessed to have the ability to do many things before the start of my work day, but when Friday hits, it is a big sigh of relief and a evening of planning with my Husband of what we will do over the weekend.

So what am I doing this Friday …

I am looking at all my current works in progress.  Keep in mind my projects include, drawing, embroidery, knitting and spinning.  Even with all the time in the mornings I have, I still can’t seem to get certain things finished.

This morning I brought out an embroidery project I started at the beginning of the year, an adorable design by LiliPopo called “The Stitcher”.  

I have decided it’s time to work on this piece and I plan to incorporate a smattering of hexies using my Japanese cotton fabric.  I have also looked through the embroidery floss and found a good sampling of colors that I think will be perfect.

On my Flatiron wheel I still have my lovely Merino wool from Wound Up Fiber Arts in the color Nest Egg.  I am almost finished with my first 4 oz and hope to get it spun up this weekend or at least by next week.

I also started spinning on my Ashford vintage Traveler using my stash of Falkland wool in the color Patchwork Quilt by Created by Elsie B.  The colors are turning out to be quite vibrant and I am thinking this wool might be good for socks.

I am also working on my very first pair of handspun socks and I have to say that this is by far the most satisfying knitting project I’ve had in a very long time.  It’s so wonderful to knit socks using my very own handspun!!

I finally found a tutorial on short row heels for socks that I actually like and I really love how my heel looks.  I tried on my sock and it fits perfectly on my heel.  I am so looking forward to wearing this finished pair of socks!!

What do you look forward too on Fridays ?

Until next time, be creative!

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