Another Finished Pair!

 I didn’t quite finish my second sock over the weekend but so excited that I was able to finish it up yesterday.  My stripes match for the leg and foot, but somehow I didn’t manage to get a perfect match on the toe.  Sigh … I am going to tell myself “it’s ok” and be happy with my new finished pair.

I am trying to decide what to socks to cast on next and have been leaning towards Porch Light by Lindsey Fowler from 52 Weeks of Socks by Laine Magazine.  I love the look of this design with just a hit of lace to break up the solid colored yarn.  Since I tend to knit while I’m on the phone for work, I think this might be a great pattern to make.

I am also considering making a pair of handspun socks from my stash of finished handspun.  Two years ago Debbie,( a.k.a. Doodler01 on Instagram) wrote a post for Spin-Offs blog regarding  spinning for socks.  I had never spun for socks but I decided to try it and oh my, I loved this challenge.  I learned how to properly chain ply (Navajo Ply) and spin with Targhee.  The end result was two skeins of handspun in the colorway Shadows Parted by Hello Yarn for a total of 353 yards.

I am seriously considering caking up this finished handspun today and cast on for my very first pair of handspun socks.  Do you spin for socks or knit socks with handspun ?  I’m curious to know what you think about knitting handspun socks.

All this talk about spinning makes me at to spin!  I use to be so passionate about wool and spinning but I’ve let my current surroundings (living in a desert) discourage me.  I need to get over that and get back to spinning!!! 

Until next time, be creative!

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