Sunday Musings: Operation Sock Drawer


Yesterday I got to make a stop into Hobby Lobby.  I was looking for scrapbooking storage ideas but just didn’t see exactly what I was hoping for.  It wasn’t a total loss,  I did manage to leave with an awesome new mug by Dayspring and two skeins of Patons Kroy sock yarn in Turquoise Jacquard.  I have been trying so hard not to buy more sock yarn but I simply couldn’t resist the turquoise color in this yarn!

I also picked up the latest Quilt & More by All People Quilt.  Love this issue, it’s filled with several projects that I hope to make for the fall.  I have had fall and Halloween fabric for quite a while in my fabric stash and think a couple of the projects in this issue will be a perfect fit.

I have not picked up the needles for I my Gloam cardigan since I’ve casted on but plan to try soon.  I have been focused on finishing my pair of Eclipse Stripe socks, which I might get done today (fingers crossed).

Several years ago I was inspired by Susan B. Andersons blog post sharing her sock drawers. Talk about inspiring! Since then I have knitted many pairs of socks, not only for me but for family and friends.  

I decided to go through my sock drawer and decided it was time to start a second drawer (I simply love to knit socks).  While reorganizing, I came across a pair of socks I had made my mom.  She never wore them, and I am not sure why but when she passed away, I found them included with all the other hand-knits I made her in a bag with my name on it.  The sock pattern is St. Brigid’s Carnamoyle Stockings by Lahoma Jayne Nally (a free download) and were knitted in Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool.  I love the design and may have to make them again, meantime though I can wear this pair.

Along with this pair are finished pairs of DK and Sport Weight socks, made from Patons DK wool and Patons Kroy.

The drawer above holds socks I’ve knitted in Opal, Regia, Patons, Lion Brand, as well as various yarns from Indy dyers.  I have a major stash of sock yarn (yep, I am rather addicted to it) , which means I plan to continue “operationsockdrawer”.   

I have been going through the many patterns I’ve purchased over the years, as well as a few books I own.  Now to match patterns to yarn, that is the fun part.  I want to have a good mix of cuff down and toe up.  I use two 16” size US 1 1/2 Knitters Pride Nova circular needles but think I might break out my DPNs too.

Do you live knitting socks too?  

What’s your favorite sock knitting method?

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