Thursday Happenings: Sock Knitting and Spinning

 When it’s a lovely 76 degrees at 7:15 am in the morning in the Phoenix area, you know you must take a good cup of tea and your knitting out to the patio to enjoy the beginning of the day!!

This cool morning air prompted me to come inside and working on my spinning too.  I really love the merino wool I’m spinning and can’t wait to finish the first 4 oz, which I hope will be very soon.  The colors are so soothing and I know when I’m finished with all 8 oz, it will be chain plied with the hopes of enough yardage for a shawl.

Yesterday I finished my little bird and I really love how it turned out.  I am thinking I might have to start another one.

Hubby and I are making plans for a week off vacation together.  I am trying to decide on a travel knitting project that is good for car knitting.  So this might be a great time to consider the Weekender Sweater as it looks to be fairly simple and mindless as far as knitting goes, which would make it a great project for traveling.

Have an awesome day and until next time, be create!  

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