Sunday Musings: A New Cast On

It’s a very warm start to the day here in Phoenix, keeping me indoors today to enjoy my knitting and spinning, with a little drawing thrown in too.

Last night I casted on my Gloam Cardigan by Caitlin Hunter. After looking at 3” of knitting, it was frogged and I decided to start over as I was worried it would be too small.  I checked out Instagram to see who else has made this cardigan and found a post by Cristina, a.k.a. howscottyknits.  Cristina was kind enough to share what size she made which helped me tremendously.  So I have casted on once again but using the instructions for a Size 4 and I am much more happier with my decision.

I am loving the texture and feel of the Silky Wool.  I have never used this yarn and I have no idea why.  It’s lovely  to knit with and the blend of 45% wool , 35% silk and  20% nylon will be perfect for the warm climate of Phoenix.

This pattern uses short rows in the shoulder area and I have never been too good about short rows.  Well, let me restate that, I know how to knit short rows but I have always struggled with hiding the wraps on the purl side. During my first attempt at this sweater, I found an awesome tutorial that shows you how to hide the wraps on the purl side to give your knitted fabric a better finished look and I love it!  Check out the blog post by Liat of KnitFreedom, Pick Up and Hide Wraps on the Purl Side.

On a side note ….

I picked up too beautiful handwoven baskets yesterday at a local resale shop and paid only $30 for the set.  They were made by a local resident (signed by the artist C. Bayer and dated July of 2000) I love them and plan to use them to hold yarn and fiber.

I am looking forward to the next few months as I am excited about so many new possibilities and adventures.  My husband and I still are working on plans to relocate back to either Kentucky or Tennessee, which makes me so happy!

Have a wonderful day and until next time, be creative!

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