Hello August!

Hello and happy August 1st!  

It’s hard for me to realize that it is August as this year seems to be flying.  I am glad it’s August though, that means cooler weather is just around the corner and I will be able to start wearing my hand knits again.

This months goal is to finish two pairs of socks and a cardigan.  I think this goal is quite doable as I have the luxury at times to knit during the day as I work.  The best part of being able to work at home is to have my knitting handy for slow times of the day.

I finished my striped sock last night and have casted on the mate.  I absolutely love the colors in this yarn !

I tried a new heel, a band heel (a.k.a German strap heel) and a cinched toe.  I really like how the heel and toe turned out, making the finish so much quicker.

What are your plans for this month ?

Until next time, be creative!

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