Sunday Musings: Finished !

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” 
― Maya Angelou

Another week has come and gone, and while I rather feel I didn’t accomplish as much as I had planned, I do have a couple of finishes for the week.  

From my little loom…

I finished my small woven wall hanging and I absolutely love how it turned out. It’s not perfect my no means and I still need to find something for it to hang on  ( such as a twig ), but all in all it turned out as I had hoped it would.  It was also awesome to be able to use my own handspun for this project as well as a silver piece I’ve had for a long time in my jewelry making supplies.

If you are looking for a small loom, I highly recommend the Schacht Easel Weaver.  This small loom comes in three sizes, a 6”, 8” and 10”.  I have the 10” and have been thinking about buying the other two sizes too.  My weaving project went fairly fast and was really fun.

From my knitting needles…

I have also finished my Oats cowl and now I have a complete knitted accessory set! 

Patterns Used:

Needle Size:  US size 9

This was a enjoyable project and one that kept my hands busy between calls this past week.  I used one full skein of my stash yarn, Fibra Natura Inca Tweed,  along with a small amount I had leftover from when I completed my Maize Mitts and Barley hat.  I know these designs are meant for beginner knitting, but I found the simplistic design very soothing and perfect for the yarn I used.

On my rigid heddle loom…

I am plugging along with my first cotton dish towel.  I had a bumpy start and had lots of mistakes but as my friend Lara pointed out, “it’s design features” and I’m going with that 😊  

I have quite a bit of cotton yarn in my stash for practicing and I purchased a few more colors in Lily Sugar and Cream yesterday.  I can’t wait to get this practice piece finished so that I can warp a new towel and start over with hopefully no mistakes (fingers crossed).  

Like knitting and spinning, I am finding weaving quite soothing and peaceful.  I am truly looking forward to getting better acquainted with my loom and learn new things.  I have found several great sources online for learning, one being Liz Gipson’s Yarnworker School of Weaving.  Liz has an online class for colorwork that I am really considering because it will help me get to the next step in weaving.

This course focuses on the know-how it takes to manage multiple colors in warp and weft. It is jam- packed with useful information that will help you design, warp, and weave with confidence. ~ Liz Gibson, Yarnworker School

So nothing much going on in the way of the fiberarts.  I am planning my spinning projects for the week and trying to finish up my scarf that is being knitted in gradient colors.  My scarf seems like a forever knitting WIP, but it is simple and rather mindless knitting.


My husband and I ventured out to a few stores yesterday, and while it was nice to go somewhere other than the grocery store I didn’t find it very fun.  

I went into Hobby Lobby, Joanns and Tuesday Morning for specific items and found what I wanted, but didn’t see anything else that just had to fall into my shopping cart.  I found my shopping rather interesting as I didn’t spend money for the sake of spending but for what I went in for, cotton yarn for weaving (making handwoven kitchen towels) and a small tray for one of our bedroom tables.  This means I am learning to use what I have and not buy more than I can use, well with the exception of fiber for spinning as I am still hoarding that.

The atmosphere in the stores was so odd and rather depressing.  No one looked happy.  There was no talking, no laughter and not even a smile.  It was just just weird.

I will be so happy with things get back to being normal !!!

Until next time, be creative.

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