To the Frog Pond and Weaving Adventures

So I casted on the Rollin Beret , design by Woolly Wormhead, using my handspun I finished December of 2018, October House in the color Apres. Yesterday it was frogged …. basically I ran out of yarn but also, the hat was huge!  With that being said, I have re-caked my handspun and will use it for a different hat design that is less slouchy.  I know I have enough yardage for something simple so I will see what patterns I have that might work better.

On another note ….  I brought out my Schacht Easel Weaver and warped it up with cotton.  I am making a simple mat using my own handspun.  

For this project I am using my Shetland handspun that I finished last August and my Falkland handspun I finished last July.  I knew both of these would be destined for weaving, so I decided this week was the perfect time to make something with a simple design and that wouldn’t be too stressful to weave.

Once this project is finished, I am going to warp up my Schacht Flip loom and make cotton dish towels.  I am excited about weaving and feel this will be another wonderful way to use my handspun.  After all you can only make so many accessory pieces, socks and sweaters, and with weaving, the sky’s the limit with possibilities!

Until next time, be creative!

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