Fascination With Colorwork

I have always had a fascination with colorwork knitting, especially the stranded knitting technique  found in  Fair Isle.   

Since I am waiting on my Shetland natural color fiber to arrive for spinning my yarn for the Sheep Heid hat, I have been exploring different colorwork methods and came across an awesome video by Felicia Lo of SweetGeorgia

This overview of colorwork knitting is an introduction to the Modern Colorwork Knitting course from the  School of SweetGeorgia but it really gives a great overview of colorwork knitting.  Felicia mentioned Andrea Rangels book, AlterKnit, for a great reference for more modern designs.  I think I may have to order a copy for my reference library.

“AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary takes an unexpected look at stranded colorwork with 200 new motifs. These non-traditional colorwork charts are perfect for the creative knitter looking to break away from the ordinary. Derived from graphic design elements, these fresh motifs include everything from geometric mountains, waves, and spirals to modern bikes, skulls, and sheep.”  – from the editor

Courtesy of Jennifer Steinglass

A year or so ago I really wanted to try a simple colorwork sweater and was drawn to Jennifer Steinglass’s design Arboreal .  

This design features on two colors of yarn and depending on the main color used, the leaf motif can really pop. I am seriously thinking about giving this sweater a go as I have the yarn for it in my stash and even though summer weather is starting to creep up upon us here in Arizona, I can take my time with this project.

I love top down seamless knitting and think this would really be a great design to try my hand at colorwork.

While exploring, I came across a used copy of The Celtic Collection by Alice Starmore.  This collection of designs is way above my current colorwork knitting capability but I could not pass up this beautiful book of stranded colorwork designs. I love all the work by Alice Starmore.  Her designs are always so beautiful and so inspiring, including her incredible cablework designs.  If you want to be inspired, check out her website, Virtual Yarns.

Do you enjoy colorwork knitting?  If so, do you prefer traditional colorwork design or a more modern design ?

Until next time, be creative.

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