Learning to Adapt

Sometimes in life you have to learn to adapt to your surroundings.  Adapting has been a huge challenge for me because I love wool and live in a very hot climate.  I have been pondering many things since my last post and have been trying to think about how I can still enjoy all the aspects of wool while living in a desert.

Life is what you make it. So why not make it a beautiful one full of happiness and joy.      – Anurag Prakash Ray

One thing I have come to realize is that no matter where you live, you can still learn to enjoy (adapt) what you love the most even if it means that you might only have a small window of time in a season to be able to totally immerse yourself into all the aspects of something you truly are head over in heels in love with.  For me, that’s wool.

I know that some day my husband and I will be able to move to the area and climate that we want, but meanwhile I will continue to  be learn to adapt to my current surroundings.  After all we have been back here in Arizona for 12 years and I am still working with some form of wool everyday.  I guess in a small way I have already learned to adapt to my surroundings.  I wear hats and mitts in the cooler times of the year, as well as cardigans and sweaters.  I know that bulky is totally out of the question but lighter handknits can be worn much longer.  

This year I really want to learn to weave so that I can use my stash of heavy wools for a wall hanging.  I may even try spinning for weaving projects too!  

So the long story short …. don’t ever give up what you love the most.  Learn to adapt and make it work!!

I came across photos taken back in 2008 from the very first Southwest Fiber Festival in Arizona.  I am so sad that they didn’t continue with the festivals but I truly enjoyed this one as my interest in spinning was peaked.

2008 – My photo taken at the first Southwest Fiber Fest in Amado AZ
Yep, that’s me …. my how I’ve changed 
Awesome music was provided too by a local Mariachi group
The following year we went to a fiber festival up in Flagstaff.  This one, like the one in Amado, was very small but over the years has really grown.  I was hoping this year I would be able to attend but just found out it has been canceled this year.  

Trying to pet the alpaca
My parents learning about Alpaca fiber 
Churro Sheep

Until next time, be creative!

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