Sunday Musings: Finished Handspun and a Day of Reflection

I truly feel that Sunday is by far the best day of the week.  It’s the day that I prepare meals for the upcoming week, bake banana bread or other sweet breads and simply rest.  It’s a day that my husband and I always look forward too as we talk about our future, and what we hope to accomplish.  

After twelve years of being back in Arizona we have come to the conclusion we are calling the “Valley of the Sun” home.  For the longest time we have been unsettled about living here because we felt that we belonged back in Kentucky.  For some reason Kentucky just felt like home but after many conversations, much stress and heavy hearts we finally have realized God brought us back here for a reason and it’s a good reason, to help our aging parents and to enjoy the shear beauty of our state.  

I personally will miss many aspects of Kentucky but I can honestly say that I will

not miss the humidity, the rain, the cold and the many days of dreary weather with no sunshine.  I need sunny blue skies and warmth, and so does my husband.  I am at peace with our decision and I am rather excited because deep down I simply could not bare the thought of moving and starting all over again.  I am content and happy with my home, and where we live, and I am so happy my husband and I have finally made a decision about our future.

This decision has sparked a great many things in us, one is re-doing our backyard.  I am so excited about what we plan to do and can’t wait to get started!!  We have so many plans for our home and look forward to making these plans become a reality.

Now for the finished handspun….

I finished plying my beautiful Falkland Wool in the color Corduroys and Boots.  This fiber was a sheer joy to spin and even though I didn’t achieve the yardage hope for, I absolutely loved the results!

Fiber:  100% Falkland 
Dyer:  Three Waters Farm
Color:  Corduroys and Boots 
Ply:     Two ply
Yardage:  260 yards
Weight:  Fingering to heavy fingering

I am now searching for a pattern that I can using this handspun for and thinking either a cowlette or a shawlette. 

I hope your weekend has been good and that you have been able to enjoy your Sunday.

Until next time, be creative!

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