Friday Finish… A Pair of Energized Handspun Mitts!

I finished my Blenheim Rose Mitts !  

Since I knew I wouldn’t have enough of my birthday handspun for the stripes, I decided to make the body of my mitts in my Gotland and the cuffs, thumb edge and top edge in my birthday handspun.   I truly love how they turned out but did notice something about how the knitted fabric looked, which I will talk about it a minute.

I took a look in my button stash, and found a pair of round silver buttons that worked perfectly for finishing off my cuffs.

Recap of handspun used:
Gotland Yardage:  65 yards, 2-plied
Birthday Handspun Yardage:  65 yards, n-plied

I keep all my bits of leftover yarns, especially my handspun, in this vintage glass jar.  These bits are always great to use for small weaving projects.

What I noticed about the knitted fabric …

One thing I noticed while knitting with my Gotland was how much twist and energy still remained in the yarn.  I find this fascinating as it was spun two years ago and has been in my stash as a completed hank of yarn.  This ‘energy’ and twist can cause your knitted stitches to look a little slanted or even twisted.

I have read many articles about how energized yarns can effect the way finished knitted fabrics can look.  My finished mitts for example look “slanted”, which is due to the energy still left in the yarn.

When we speak of using energized yarns, we are generally talking about singles that have not been “finished” with moisture and heat. Plying tends to balance the energy in the singles that are plied together, and finishing removes the energy, whereas a fresh singles will always tend to twist to one side or the other. Because an energized yarn twists, fabric made with it will also tend to twist.Interweave, March 2011

Some spinners intentionally create ‘energized’ yarns as the yarn can add a dimensional look to the knitted fabric.  Amy Tyler recently wrote a post on the Spin-Off Blog that gives great tips for knitting with energized yarns. There’s also a Spin-Off workshop taught by Kathryn Alexander…. here’s an overview ⬇️

From the website: In Spinning Energized Yarns, Kathryn Alexander will show you how to really liven up your yarns with brilliant handspun knits. As an expert of spinning high energy yarns, Kathryn will show you how to control your yarns to achieve the texture effects you desire. By adding twists to your yarn, you’ll be able to introduce energy into your spins that will give you crisp, textured surfaces in your knitted work. – Long Thread Media 

I am seriously thinking about taking this online class as I find the concept of using energized yarn truly interesting, especially how such yarns can change the whole look of a knitted fabric.  

Until next time, be creative.

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