Five Days of Grey ….An Intentional Spinning Project

Five Days of Grey – Paradise Fibers Carefully blending and carding different percentages of black and white fibers to create unique grey tones. Perfect for 3D needle felting, wet felting and spinning.  The fibers have been spread into a web (but not in parallel lines as in combed wool). The web is condensed into a continuous untwisted strand of fibers called a sliver. Carded fibres are generally used for producing woolen yarn and perfect to use for needle felting.

I love grey.  It can be cold looking but at the same time give the feeling of warmth.  I am very excited about spinning my five days of grey as this project is 100% intentional spinning with the plans of a striped shawl.  

I will be making Grain by Tin Can Knits, a design that is quite simple but perfect for this handspun project.  

Courtesy of Tin Can Knits

Two intentional spinning projects going on, a first for me but I am quite excited about both endeavors.  Going forward I want to try to spin for projects in mind and not just to be spinning.  We’ll see how good I am at doing this… smiling as I write this because I know myself way too well!

Until next time, be creative. 

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