Friday Finish … Handspun Goodness

I finished another spinning project this week and while I didn’t achieve the yardage I hoped for, I still love it!  I just have to say, again, I really do love the Signature Blend from Abundant Earth Fiber and I truly hope they don’t stop making it.

65 Yards
Chain Plied
Color: Citron

I truly love this fiber and can’t wait to start knitting with my finished handspun!  The next color in line to spin is Skylight, located at the bottom right of the photo below.

Oh how I do love spinning!
It’s so soothing to my soul and it gives me such joy.

I also came across a new blog, well new to me, called The Craft Sessions .  I find this blog to be very inspiring and I especially loved the post “Stash Less”, a list of all posts stemming from Felicias original 2014 post, Stash Less – A Challenge .  I have been learning over the years to try not to stash as much yarn and fiber as I once did, but still have trouble with compulsive buying at times.

“I created The Craft Sessions to provide a space for crafters to come together, whether that togetherness is online or at our retreat; to share ideas, to learn from, and be inspired by one another.” – Felicia Semple

Stay well my friends and until next time, be creative!

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