Sunday Musings: Baking and Spinning, My Two Favorite Things!

Sunday of late has been a day of rest, relaxation and a day of preparing food for the up coming week.  Today was no different.  I started the morning by making breakfast burritos for the week and by making two loaves of Honey Applesauce Cake.

This was the first time making this recipe and I highly recommend it!  It’s moist and so delicious.  My hubby told me that he definitely loves it and hopes I make it often. The recipe is super easy and I pretty much had everything in my pantry for it.  One loaf will go in the fridge and the other in the freezer.

I also chain plied my Abundant Earth Fiber in the color Forage.  I am so happy that I ended up with 65 yards, which gives me a 140 yards total for my intentional spinning project. I seem to be consistent with my spinning lately as I seem to be average this amount of yardage on 2 oz of fiber.

I have started spinning my Three Waters Farm Falkland in the color “Corduroys and Boots”.  I decided to use my Ashford Traditional for this spinning project and also I am trying a new technique called Cross-Lacing, which I knew I had to try after reading a recent article by Emonie Hopkins on the Spin-Off blog, Cross-Lacing: Learn to Control Your Wheels Uptake.  Like Emonie, I treadle fast and sometimes to my own demise.  When I treadle to fast I can over twist or simple watch my fiber become too thin causing it to break and glide right out of my hand.  

Cross-lacing allows you to slow down your uptake; it’s a tension aid that gives you more control. With cross-lacing, the twist has to travel a bit farther between the bobbin and the fiber supply. You can have your twist travel a short or long distance depending on the amount tension you need. You do this by zigzagging your yarn across your flyer, and you adjust the amount of tension by increasing or decreasing the number of hooks you zigzag it through.” – Emonieiesha Hopkins, March 30, 2020, Spin-Off

This technique really works and I am so glad that I tried it!  I am trying my best to spin as thin as I can to be able to get enough yardage when plied for mitts and a headband…. fingers crossed.

I am loving these colors!!

I also started spinning my stash of Abundant Earth Fiber Signature Blend in the color Citron. Since it has been so nice the last few days, I decided to take my wheel outside to spin to enjoy a little quiet time on the patio.  Like my finished color Forage above, this too is part of my intentional spinning project. The color is so bright and cheerful, like a little pop of spring in my hand.  I am hoping for at least 70 yards when plied, fingers crossed for this spinning project too!

I hope wherever you are that you are enjoying doing something you absolutely love. Please be safe and always remember God is with us during this time of trouble.

But I will sing of your strength, in the morning I will sing of your love; for you are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble. – Psalm 59:16

Until next time, be creative. 

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