Friday Finish and Something New

I am so happy about my finished skein of handspun … 65 yards and definitely perfect for a pair of Blenheim Roses Mitts.  I am mixing this skein with a skein of handspun Gotland that I spun up a couple of years ago (was it really that long ago 😳) during a breed study hosted by Sherrill of The 1764 Shepherdess

I think this will be a great combination 

I have started spinning a bump of Abundant Earth Fibers Signature Blend in the color Forage.  I still can’t say enough about this fiber.  I love it, especially the rustic feel and nature of it, still reminds  me of Jamiesons Shetland.  This finished handspun will be destined for the intentional spinning project  that I started July 2018 …. talk about procrastination!  

I am using my Schacht Ladybug for this spinning project.  I love all my Schacht wheels, but think the Ladybug might be my favorite.

I have also added to my stash and just received this gorgeous BFL and Nylon blend from Greenwood FiberWorks called Paper Roses.  This fiber is for socks, which is my intent.  Wish me luck as I still haven’t managed to spin for socks yet.  I love Carolyns fiber and if you haven’t tried her hand dyed loveliness, I highly recommend her shop.

As we continue to stay home we are all finding things to do or catch up on.  For me, I am truly enjoying my spinning again, as well as knitting.  I have been baking and cooking more, and since I work from home my wonderful husband has been doing the necessary shopping for me.  I have only been out to the store a handful of times and still find it strange, and even still a bit surreal.  Much needed items are starting to slowly fill back up on shelves and people are less inclined to buy more than they need (well where I’ve been at least).  

For the most part streets are quiet, which for Phoenix that is just plain weird, and parks are dead (shut down until further notice).  Our little subdivision park is closed but we can still take walks, which I have been doing every morning with our fur baby Cody.  He’s so happy that no one is out because it means he can run and play without his leash.  It makes my heart burst with joy to see him play and at times I can’t believe he’s 10 years old.

Until next time, be safe and be creative!

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