Sunday Musings….. The Sound Of Silence

I truly have to say that it is so strange when I go out now to take Cody for a walk to our park. There is no one out,  no children playing, no one walking to church and only in the very far distance can you see someone walking a dog, or just walking for exercise.  There are very few cars out too.  

It’s a very strange feeling to hear “the sound of silence”, meaning the silence of voices and laughter, but at the same time it is slightly refreshing to be able to think in peace.

Cody was happy he was able to run and walk without his leash

On a more crafting note….

I have frogged my Brush Creek Cowl because I just wasn’t “digging it” and somehow messed up two rows. So I re-ckaked my yarn, and caked the other package of gradient (mentioned here)yarns too and casted on a scarf using an older Rowan pattern designed for their Pure linen (free pattern download).  

I have doubled the stitch count and have casted on 70 stitches.  I plan to modify this scarf by working two panels and grafting them in the middle. The reason … I want my ends to match. I know that might sound dumb, but I’m quirky that way. 
Simple lace stitch 

I love these colors!
I need to work on a couple of embroidery projects too, but for now I just want to knit and spin.  I am still working on my Targhee blend and may finish it up over the up coming week.  I am still hoping for enough yardage for a hat, or at least a pair of mitts.

I have been organizing and cleaning things up in my craft room, and on a few of my apps.  I have gone through all my digital patterns kept on my GoodReader App and have cleaned up a few duplicate patterns.  I have also organized my patterns by type, which is now making my life a lot easier when searching for a certain pattern.  I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of knitting and spinning over the next few months, which actually makes me quite happy and content.

Until next time, be creative!

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