The Sewing Corner … Oh I Do Love Batiks !

Stitch your stress away.  ~Author Unknown

I have a tremendous love for batik fabrics.  I’m not sure if it’s due to the colors or the designs, but whatever it is I can’t seem to pass up buying batik fat quarters or yardage. 

A few weeks ago I cut up a few squares leftover from a layer cake I bought into squares.  I started laying them out and moving them around until I came up with a layout I liked.

My layout cloice

I pinned my squares together and decided to hand stitch them.  As I got ready to stitch, I drew a 1/4” seam line in hopes that everything would line up nice and even.  In other words, I wanted all my corners to line up perfectly.


I finished my stitching late yesterday afternoon and I am very pleased that I only had a couple of corners that didn’t quite match up.  My goal now to add embroidery to this top before I sandwich it with batting and backing fabric.  I need to go through my floss stash to see what colors I want to use and then think about a design.

Until next time, be creative!

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