Weekend Happenings: Rainy Days Means New Projects!

I’ve been having issues lately with knitting.  I can only seem to knit for a very short while before I have to stop due to achey wrists and elbows.   I know one of the culprits to my issues is the chair I use for work.   I find myself resting my elbows on the arms too much during the day, which keeps them in the same position too long causing a bit of a strain.

Yesterday as I sat knitting my sock, I realized it was time for a break from knitting.  Besides that,  the yarn I was using, my lovely Squishy by Anzula, was far too pretty for socks.  So I decided to frog the sock I was working on, re-cake the yarn and start a crochet project.

I started a simple shell crochet pattern and plan to make a scarf.  This yarn is so soft and will be a lovely accessory item to wear in the cooler months.

I also caked a newly acquired fingering weight yarn by a local Phoenix yarn dyer, Less Traveled Yarn, in the color Monument Valley and started The Emily Scarf by designer C. J. Brady.  I love C.J.’s designs as they are always well written and so lovely to make.    The yarn is a blend of 75% SW Merino and 25% Nylon and the colors remind me of sandstone cliffs.

I am also working on my pen and ink bird, as well a small drawing in my art journal.  Yesterday I made a bit more progress on my bird, creating the start of the wing.  This will be a slow project as I am thinking about how I want it to look finished, which means I am pretty much designing it as as I go.  I think I always work better drawing on whim rather than a planned project anyway.

I still need to work on my embroidery piece and I have a couple of quilting projects I want to tackle too.  Hubby has asked for a small patriotic wall quilt for his side of the bed and I think I have found a great pattern, the One Star One Nation mini quilt by Red Rooster Quilts.  

Courtesy of Red Rooster Quilt

I love this little quilt and think it will be perfect from what my hubby is asking for and plan to order the kit soon.  I am also starting another topper and plan to hand stitch and hand quilt this project.  For me, hand stitching is just as soothing and satisfying as knitting, crocheting or spinning.  My squares are ready to go, all pinned together and now I just need to start stitching.

What have you been working on this past week ? 
Any fun weekend projects happening ?

Until next time, be creative 

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