Sunday Musings … Embroidery

My life has had many creative ups and downs, but I always seem to go back to the things I love and enjoy the most.  I truly love the fiberarts but at times I miss the needlearts, so today I want to talk about hand embroidery.  

When I was a little girl my Mom thought it was very important for me to learn hand embroidery.  I honestly think it was largely due to the fact she was madly in love with crewel work and wanted to share that love with me.  She purchased small kits by Sunset Stitchery ( very popular in the 70s to mid-80s ) that were easy for me to learn basic embroidery stitches.  

Needless to say I fell in love with embroidery, especially crewelwork, and made many pieces that seem to have disappeared over the years.  For some reason though I completely stopped doing embroidery.  Maybe because it wasn’t the “in thing” to do, maybe it was time to do something new or maybe, like many things, it was just a cycle of hobby life. 

I have gradually started to work a few pieces over the last couple of years.  I am still drawn to Jacobean Crewel and have purchased a vintage Elsa Williams kit that I plan to embroider in floss rather than wool.  I absolutely love this this piece and have wanted it for years and was so lucky to find it on eBay.

JACOBEAN PANEL Crewel Embroidery Kit
Designed by Michael A. LeClair
Kit #00445
Made in USA
Finished Size 10″ x 20″
Frame Size 14″ x 24″
Kit contains: Design screened on 100% linen fabric, The Color Organizer with presorted Paternayan 100% wool crewel yarn and 100% cotton floss, metallic thread, Needle, Complete Instructions.  Frame and mats not included.

I am also very excited about a thrifted linen vest I picked up for $2.00 that I plan to embroider a beautiful design by KF Needlework Design called Buds of May.  If you love modern embroidery designs, be sure to check out Kelly’s shop.

I have ordered a collection of beautiful linen threads by Londonderry to use for this project and plan to place the embroidery design on the back of the vest. I may also incorporate a bit of the design on the front too!

I suppose I am coming full circle and it’s fun to be reunited with things that once brought me much joy and given me so many cherished memories of time spent with my mom.

Until next time, be creative!

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