Sunday Musings ….. Sewing Endeavors

These days I seem  to have way too many “creative” loves but one I honestly can say that I want to pursue this year is sewing.  When I wrote my 2020 goals, sewing was part of what I wanted to accomplish this year and I am rather excited about the possibilities of what I can make not only for my wardrobe but for my home.

I am starting of the year by making four new Shirt No 1 ‘s, which I cut out  a few months now but seem to have had difficulties in finding the time to get them sewn together.  Like I said, sometimes I have too many creative loves that somehow always get in the way of things I really need to focus on!

I am the Balboa Fabric Line by Erin Dollar and the Forage Essex by Ann Graham , both collections by Robert Kaufman.   I love linen fabric.  It breathes, wears well and seems to become softer as it is washed and worn.

Linen and cotton fabrics are a must for Arizona, or I least I think they are a must and this comes from a girl who loves her wool !

I also have this pattern ⬇️ by Indygo Junction I want to make out of my Debbie Maddy 100% cotton Indigo dyed fabric that was purchased last summer from 35th Sew & Vac, a great local fabric store in Phoenix. I haven’t really found too many fabrics locally as my local fabric stores mainly carry lines for quilting.  So I purchase most of my fabric online from Hawthorne Supply Co.  and plan to venture out and try a few other online sources for fabric too.

Coming in the mail from. Fancy Tiger Crafts are two patterns that I’ve wanted to try for quite a while, the Hinderland Dress by Sew Liberated and Fen Dress and Top by Fancy Tiger

Courtesy of Fancy Tiger
Courtesy of Fancy Tiger

Karen Templer of Fringe Association recently wrote about her Fen, which made me want to make this pattern even more.  I’m excited about learning to sew something new and different, which means I’m branching out from my beloved Shirt No. 1 pattern.

I do plan to use my modern sewing machine for most of my sewing projects, but I am thinking seriously hard about using my vintage Singer 99k for a few of the tops I am making as it is simply straight stitching.  Wouldn’t that be a fun adventure in sewing !

Singer 99k – Manufactured March 13, 1956 (Clydebank, Scotland) 
Until next time, be creative!

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