Hello January … Let’s Start The Year Off Great!

I feel every new year should be started off by doing something you absolutely love and for me, it’s spinning.

I was so excited to be able to spend my day at home with my hubby and our doggie Cody.  It was a peaceful day of enjoying movies, good food and doing what we enjoyed.  While hubby read tutorials on a project he is considering, I finished up spinning my Funky Carolina BFL fiber in the color Egg Hunt, and even plied it!

Now I am almost too embarrassed to say this, but I started spinning this fiber back in July of 2019 (shaking my head in disbelief).  I honestly have no words as to why this took me so long to finish, but I am happy it’s done.

Photo from my July post ⬇️

Bobbin shot of finished spinning ⬇️

Bobbin shot of finished plying ⬇️
I chain plied this on my Schacht Ladybug and I love how it turned out.  Now to see how much yardage I achieved …. hoping it’s enough for a least mitts or a hat.  The colors are so lovely and remind me a bit of spring flowers.

As mentioned in an early post, I also finished spinning my scrumptious Frabjous Fiber Merino Wool in the color Cactus too!!  Since I want enough yardage for a shawl, I decided to two ply using the center ball pull method.  I look forward to seeing this knitted up as the colors are very soft and delicate.

Bobbin shot before plying ⬇️

Center Ball Pull Method ⬇️
Bobbin shot after plying ⬇️
I have to say I definitely started off the new year with a bang and I am so pleased that I finished two spinning projects that have been languishing on my wheels for months!!!!  I think my spinning mojo is finally back, which makes me very happy.  The last thing to do is to get them both skeined.
Until next time, be creative!

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