Final Finish Of the Year!

Sometimes you have finished handspun in your stash that is just not quite enough yardage to make anything.  This was the case with my 105 yards of light worsted weight Frabjous Fibers that I finished last year ( a lovely silk blend).  I wanted to make a hat but knew that I would run out of yarn so I decided to pair it up with the remaining Quillin FiberArts.

I decided to make a tam and casted on 88 stitches, using a size US 7 circular needle 16” in length, and worked a 2 x 2 ribbing for 1 inch.  I changed to a size US 9 circular needle and increased my stitches evenly in the round to 110.  I work about 3” in the Frabjous fibers and then started to alternated my colors every 3 to 4 rounds.  I worked the body of the hat until it measured 5” and then started to decrease, k16, k2tog, pm, and repeated to the end.  I think I had two extra stitches that I ended up k3tog, but it all worked out as I started to decrease.  I didn’t keep track too much about my knitting, so there isn’t a formal pattern, but it follows the basic tam/beret design.

As I started to decrease for the top, I was beginning to panic and didn’t think I would have enough of my main color to finish, but I did!!!

I love how my handspun tam turned out and a great project to finish up at the end of 2019!

I have 17 grams ( .6 ounces ) of my beautiful Quillin Fiberarts spinning project finished in July – read post here and 8 grams ( .2 ounces ) of my finished Frabjous Fiber colorshift top.

My goal next year for spinning is to make sure I spin enough yardage for projects or plan colorwork projects.  If this means I buy more fiber for a project (even while doing a stash down) I will as It’s hard to have small amounts in handspun and not knowing what to do with it can be a challenge.

Until next time, be creative!

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