Sunday Musings: New Year Goals

I love creating goals for the new year, especially when it comes to my creative endeavors.  I have many crafting loves but my heart still belongs to knitting and spinning.

Last year I made made the goal of spinning more, and I did but soon slowed down.  By August I wasn’t spinning and I simply had no desire to spin.  There were many underlying reasons I stopped but I will just say I was burned out because I over did it.  I will say though I love the skeins of yarn I created this year and have enjoyed knitting small accessory pieces with handspun!

I didn’t draw as much as I wanted too, but I am happy with what I did draw.  My favorite piece this year is a bird I drew in August.  I absolutely love it  and plan to make a similar one to have a pair.

I didn’t do much in the way of photography but I did get outside more and enjoyed my year of walks with our sweet boy in the park.  He is a great motivator to get me out walking because I simply do not want to disappoint him and not take home to his park.

So enough rambling, it’s time to talk about those 2020 goals …..

Goal #1:  Carrying forward  My 2019 Goal to 2020 for spinning and using my own handspun for projects.

Spin More – My wheels need to be used more and I definitely need to spin my stash down before buying more.  This coming year I have plans to spin for a shawls and maybe even a sweater. I will #spin15aday every day to maintain my consistency.

  • I want to spin my stash down
  • Rotate my wheels so I use them more
  • Spin with intention
  • Join SALs (spin alongs)
  • Learn new spinning techniques
I will be starting off January with a SAL hosted by SpinOff Magazine, SpinningI for mitts.  This SAL starts January 17, 2020 and ends March 20, 2020.  You can find the particulars here 

Why mittens? Besides keeping your hands warm at this time of year, they’re an achievable challenge for most spinners . . . but they do have a few hidden requirements, such as maintaining spinning consistency, choosing durable fibers and yarn structures, and using a pattern you like enough to make twice! – Anne Merrow

Goal #2:  I want to make 12 pairs of socks new year and think one pair a month is quite doable.

I work at home and I have a job that allows me to knit while working.  I may end up making more than a dozen pairs, but I want an achievable goal, so a dozen pairs sound good.  I have so much sock yarn in my stash that it’s almost ridiculous and it’s time for new socks.  

I also want to use new patterns and plan to pull out my Cookie A  books (I miss her designs), Socktopus  by Alice Yu, Op-Art Socks by Stephanie Van Der Linden  by and Silk Road Socks by Hunter Hammersen.  I also have a ton of digital patterns to go through as well.  I do want to try color work this year as well, so will be looking through patterns I already own to see what might entice me to try something new, and different.

Goal #3:  I want to do more needlework, such as embroidery and wool appliqué.

I do not plan to go overboard in the needlework area, but I do have several holiday pieces I want to make for our home and for a few friends.  I have plenty of pattern, hoops and threads, so this will be a great way for me to use my stash instead of buying more.

Goal #4: I want to to sew more, which includes making my own clothes.

I think having more “me made” wardrobe is an inspiration goal and one I truly want to achieve above all my other goals.  I am still learning to sew but truly love what I made

this year and I am super excited about making more things this coming year.  My husband has even asked me to make him a few pairs of pajama bottoms!  This year I plan to make more tops and try my hand at pants, and maybe even lingerie.  I have a very inspiring friend on Instagram that keeps me motivated to learn and achieve new things.  

My second sewing goal is quilting.  I plan to start with small projects, such as mini quilts, and learn as much as I can o I can make a decent wall quilt.  Some day I even hope to make a quilt for our bed.


I also have personal and spiritual goals.  My husband and I have plans to do more fun things, take more road trips and to start planning our future of moving back home to Kentucky.  A new year, a fresh start and a new challenge!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” — C.S. Lewis

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