Sunday Musings: An Exciting New Addition to My Singer Collection

A new addition to my vintage sewing machine collection!  A crinkle finish hand crank Singer Pinker.  I am beyond thrilled and hope to find the matching clamp for it too.

“The decoration on crinkle finished machines consists of just the Singer logos and a small decorative embellishment in the middle of the bed, but no decals around the edge of the bed. Because of the nature of the crinkle paint the decals are faint and not bright and shiny like normal Singer machines. All of the black crinkle models appear to have been manufactured with ‘normal’, shiny drive wheels, either spoked or solid, depending on the model, and whether it was a hand crank or an electric type.
It has often been speculated that the crinkle finish was somehow related to war shortages, or perhaps a military contract. However, there is no evidence to support this and it was most likely just a cosmetic variation that Singer produced for marketing reasons. In the case of the crinkle 221’s, they uniquely had a series of small grooves machined around the edge of the bedplate, and some also had a special black faceplate with matching grooves.” –  Singer Sewing Info

All in all she’s in pristine condition and just needed a bit of light cleaning and oiling.
Here’s a demo video showing how this works ⬇️
My husband and I bought a Singer machine in a locked bentwood case (had no idea what was inside) for $40 several months ago.  When we got home and opened the case up, we found a crinkle finish ( aka Godzilla finish) Singer inside.  

This machine was electric and with a pretty chewed up cords for both the foot pedal and plug. Let’s just say the wiring was not safe for electrical use.  We could have had some rewrite it, but we decided to turn it into a hand crank.  I am now on the hunt for a crank, which I have found but goodness they are pricey!

Serial#s AF- 289406 to  292405  Singer 99 … 3000 manufactured on July 12 1939

The case had a nasty oil (or grease) stain that would not come out, so my husband sanded the case down and then stained it.  Yes, the case is a lovely gray and suites our treasured find quite nicely.

I don’t think I will ever tire of my vintage machines or the joy of finding new ones, or fun accessories, like my pinker above.

Until next time, be creative!

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