My Spinning Mojo Is Back !

I have been in a spinning funk lately and while I’m not quite sure why.  Like most creative souls, I tend to burn out easily when I focus on just one craft.  This has happened with my knitting, embroidery, sewing, and yes, spinning.  My husband often reminds me that I should “mix things up a bit” so I don’t burn out and lose the joy of what I love the most.  I think he is right about that, and I have decided to take his advice.

Over the last couple of months I put knitting and spinning aside to embark on new adventures, which included sewing, embroidery and bible journaling.  I found that by doing this, I have picked my knitting back up and have started to spin again.  Knitting has been wonderful and keeps my hands busy during calls I take throughout the day (I work from home).  Spinning centers me before I start work and helps to sooth my soul.


Still on my wheel and what I am currently finishing up is my yummy fiber by Frabjous Fiber’s called Cactus. This fiber is so beautiful and is spinning up nicely.  I don’t have much more to go and I will be ready to ply!

I have returned to spinning 15 minutes a day, which has been before I start my work day.  It is a wonderful way to get me focused for work and to calm me before the stress of the day sets in.  I am joining my friend Sherrill, aka The1764Shepherdess and the creator of #spin15aday, for her 2020 Stashdown on Instagram. My goal is to spin what I have before buying more.  We will see how that goes!! I will be spinning slowly, because after all it shouldn’t be a race, and I have will learn to savor the time spent reflecting while I spin.

Until next time, be creative!

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